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Frank Boettcher posted on September 20, 2013 11:59

A few days ago Microsoft released a minor update for .NET (4.5.1) and a RTM preview of Visual Studio 2013 through their MSDN channel.

.NET 4.5.1 includes a lot of minor improvements and a few new features like an automatic rebuild of connections (ADO.NET Connection resiliency).
ASP.NET applications can now be configured to go into a suspend mode when they are idle allowing servers to host way more applications than before.
Additionally the new release also offers more control over the Garbage Collector.

While Visual Studio 2013 is released only one year after its predecessor Visual Studio 2012 (4 million downloads) it still includes a large pool of new functionality. I'd like to cover some of them here and add a list of links for futher reading at the bottom of this blog entry.

  • Connected IDE - Using your Microsoft Account you can store a lot of Visual Studio settings (appearance, usability) and reuse it on every computer you'll be working on.
  • Editors - A lot of work has been put into the editors. I have already covered the "new Intellisense" in a previous blog entry when it was still called "Code Information Indicators". While it has now been renamed to "Code Lens", you can find a few samples nicely illustrated in the following document:
  • Another area with big improvements is debugging and diagnostics. 64 Bit code e.g. now supports "Edit And Continue", so you can edit your code while debugging.


And there is more! You can find a comprehensive list of changes here:


It seems that Microsoft is putting a lot of efforts into their IDE. They are increasing release cycles to roll out new features to developers faster than before. Visual Studio 2013 should further improve developers productivity as you can read in some more blogs that cover the new release. Here are our suggested links for further reading:



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