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Thomas Althammer posted on August 30, 2013 17:08

We're seeing a big increase in requests for our PPJ Web product line. In short, it allows you to take a ported application based on the PPJ Framework and deploy it as a web-based solution. No flash, no embedded RDP, no browser plugins... just pure HTML and JavaScript on the client side.

Whenever we show this approach, people are really impressed. There is some overhead involved in making a year-long evolved app also work in an asynchronous setup, however, it is possible to take most existing SQLWindows applications, port them to .NET and then convert them into a true Web-based solution. After having completed a few smaller projects, the first big ones are about to be released with great results!

PRISM, Tempora, XKeyScore – the Cloud gets foggy

The news about secret surveillance programs have questioned some of the hype we saw in recent years for cloud-based solutions. Are we going back in-house? I really doubt it. The focus of the PPJ Web approach is private deployment. Most projects we are looking at with our PPJ Web approach are not ideal candidates for a public cloud deployment anyways. Multi-tenancy is hard to add, if you haven’t planned it in from the beginning. But now these inhouse developments and specialized ISV solutions can keep up with the new competitors. They are web-based, too. And they are much easier to deploy once they are available on the web.

The more interesting concept is the web-based client-side, which allows our customers to cut costs on server hardware, Terminal Services and Citrix licenses. In one example, a customer reported that a web-based version of an application requires just 30% of the processing power and resources compared to an application in a classical client-server setup. In this case all users were accessing the app through a Citrix farm - one group with a client/server setup, the other group used Internet Explorer inside the Citrix environment. In other words, you can eliminate 70% of your servers for front-end processing if you switch to PPJ Web.

Sounds too good to be true? Please take these numbers as a rough guideline, not as absolute figures. In order to make such comparisons, the individual application and workload has to be evaluated carefully. But this example does show the potential of PPJ Web, combined with eased deployment, no hassle with client-side drivers, specialized assemblies, and so on.

Too cloudy?

The ideal place for a PPJ Web application is a private cloud. We’ll make sure that the web-based version of your application is really close to what you are used to in the client/server world. Adding security features is easy; start with https and add other safety measures as they are requested.

Our core mission is to help you preserve your long-term investments. Make more out of what you have built for many years. And finally, put it on the web – no matter if it is just a closed user group, a per-customer deployment, or the desire to become a true cloud-based solution.

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