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Thomas Althammer posted on May 12, 2014 08:19

Referencing .NET framework details in team communication has never been easier

A few years back, Microsoft decided to make the.NET Framework source code publically available for viewing. This has been a great helper for those digging into the framework and working low-level with its tremendous features set: finally we were able to see how things were done. Debugging down to the source level as a great help for us, too, in realizing the PPJ Framework.

Now Microsoft has brought this a step further and released the .NET reference source browser. Want to see what the framework is doing under the hood? Just open your browser and navigate to http://referencesource.microsoft.com. This is truly amazing and so easy to use! Just browse around, save the bookmarks and turn up definitions and details in seconds. But there is more than just searching around:


All of this is now possible thanks to the new “Rosylin” compiler platform. C# and VB compliers have been made available with rich code analysis APIs. This is basically the same stack Microsoft is using to implement Visual Studio.


More information on Rosylin can be found here:


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