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Try It
Try It

Ribbon, Skinning, Reporting, Thumbnails, Tabbed MDI, Speed, Multithreading, Coding Style...

You can try it directly on your PC using this virtualized, fully functional and self-contained executable. It contains a collection of migrated Gupta/Centura applications.


Don't run from the zip, extract the exe to the desktop first.



The features demonstrated in this evaluation kit are not possible with Team Developer 5 and 6.

We provide state-of-the-art Grids, Ribbon, Skinning, Tabbed MDI with Thumbnails and solid code.


The code we generate is elegant C# or VB.NET, highly organized and consistent, ready to be maintained and extended by .NET and Gupta developers.


When you compare cost, time, risk, and quality, nobody comes close to our solution.



Join the Evolution
Join the Evolution

It's easy! Just contact us and request a Free Evaluation of your system.

Within 24 hours of receiving the data collected by our inventory tool, our local Premium Partner will give you a clear idea of the effort, cost and time needed to complete the migration.


The only way to survive extintion is to join the evolution.




Our Mission

We help developers stay competitive and
organizations preserve and increase the value of their
software investment.

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