Automatic migration from Gupta Team Developer applications to .NET Desktop or Web Applications.


We have migrated Gupta Team Developer applications in just about every industry in the world. Our experience and reliability are unmatched.


Discover the benefits of migrating to Visual Studio, Microsoft .NET and Real Time Web.


Why should I migrate to .NET?

Microsoft .NET is a widely supported development platform with millions of developers.

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Is it expensive?

No. It’s cheaper, faster and safer than migrating to the latest Team Developer. Our solution has no hidden or long-running costs.

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What kind of code will you give me?

Clean, Refactored, Object-Oriented code. Gupta developers are productive immediately and the code is highly maintainable and well structured.

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Do you migrate reports?

Yes. We convert Report Builder reports to:

  1. Crystal Reports .NET
  2. Microsoft Reporting Services
  3. Combit List & Labels
  4. Stimulsoft Reports
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Do you migrate SQLBase?

Yes. We have tools and methods to convert SQLBase schema, data and stored procedures to Microsoft Sql Server or Oracle.

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