Modernization Benefits

Save Time/Cost
Hire and Retain Developers
Modern User Interface
Cross Platform
Easy Deployment



We migrate 100% of your VB6 code to .NET and the web. Your business logic will be entirely preserved running in a clean VB.NET or C# environment with a pure HTML5/JavaScript front end. At a fraction of the time and cost of a manual rewrite.


Hire and retain developers

VB6 is obsolete. Who wants to work in an outdated grayish environment? Switch now to attract developers and become competitive again.


Modern User Interface

Take a look at our approach for step-by-step UI improvements. Your business logic remains untouched while you provide your apps with a modern look and feel. All based on standard technologies!


Cross Platform

You are looking for a HTML5/JavaScript, touch-friendly, responsive user interface based on state-of-the-art technologies? Stop looking – we’ll convert your VB6 application stack to run on all major browser environments!


Easy Deployment

Forget about DLL hell, installers, and component incompatibilities. Your applications become easy to deploy: self-hosted, local-hosted, standalone, cloud, container, or as a service.

Free Evaluation

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Detailed Analysis

The detailed analysis is a first-pass conversion used to customize the proposal and identify any potential issue early on.

Customized Proposal

Project proposals are customized to meet your schedule, budget, and overall goals.

Free Evaluation

See what your applications can do.